Save the Planet and Remain Loyal to Toyota

Toyota is always looking for new ways to reinvent efficiency. They are constantly looking for ways to better our planet and diminish our carbon foot print.  And so are its drivers. That's why not only are many attracted to driving a Toyota Prius but are loyal to the brand and model for years to come.

Once you start driving a Prius, investing in its spectacular fuel economy, proven Hybrid Synergy Drive system that creates an efficient yet clean, quiet motor and Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle certification, you will never want to go back. Simply, going from point A to B never felt so good as you feel yourself giving back and helping the planet with every turn of the wheel.

The Prius then isn't just about the environment; it isn't about clean energy; it is about keeping the vehicle within the family, inspiring not only the parents but the grandparents, the siblings, the kids to go out there and drive Prius too.

Drive a car that makes you proud and visit our dealership, Brunswick Auto Mart, serving the Brunswick region, to test drive the 2014 Toyota Prius today.

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