The Dreaded Phone Call - Staying Safe With Subaru

Nobody wants the dreaded phone call – your child, in a panic, wakes you up in the middle of the night because they’ve been in an accident. Of course, you could care less about the state of the vehicle, you just want to make sure your child is safe and unharmed.

We know that safety is imperative when it comes to getting your child their first vehicle. That’s why plenty of people trust Subaru.

Not only was Subaru named Kelly Blue Book’s 2016 Most Trusted Brand, they also are on the cutting edge when it comes to innovation and safety features.

Here at Brunswick Auto Mart, we know the importance of finding you and your child the safest vehicle possible. That’s why we invite you down to our dealership in Brunswick, OH where we can answer any questions and give you expert advice on the perfect vehicle for you.

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