Tips to Improve Your Driving Etiquette

In our years of driving it's pretty common to see another driver break some of the rules of the road. Driving can be stressful and it can sometimes bring out the worst in people. But, even if driving isn't your favorite thing, there are some etiquette rules every driver should follow. These rules include:

  • Keep your passengers safe by making sure they're all wearing their seat belts and that you drive carefully. Limit distractions and drive the speed limit. It is your responsibility to make sure your passengers are safe while riding with you.
  • Don't cover crosswalks with your vehicle. Give pedestrians enough space to safely cross the street and don't try to rush them when they're crossing by inching closer to them.
  • Let others merge onto the highway. When driving in the far right lane you're either going to have to slow down to allow vehicles to merge or move over move over to another lane.
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