Tire Pressure and Gas Mileage

Did you know low tire pressure can make your vehicle burn more gas? If tires are underinflated, the motor has to work harder to move the car. If you notice that you are making more frequent trips to the gas station, it may be a sign of low tire pressure.

Underinflated tires wear out faster, as do overinflated tire. Tires that are too full create as many problems as a tire that is low.

To check the pressure you will need a tire gauge, which are sold at all automotive stores. The gauge looks like a thin stick. It attaches to the stem valve where air is pushed through it. You will need to know the tires PSI, which is located on the driver’s door jam and in the owner’s manual.

If you need help with your car’s tires or it is time for new tires, contact our service team here at Brunswick Auto Mart.
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