What Does it Mean When The Tire Pressure Light Comes On?

What should you do if your tire pressure light comes on in your vehicle? Well, you should act right away to ensure the safety of you and your family. Low tire pressure can cause a multitude of problems for you and your vehicle.

First, if the light comes on while you're driving down the road, you should immediately pull your car off the road when a safe place presents itself. Then get out and check the tires to see if there is a tire that is visually low on air or if there are any deformities in the shape of the tires. If you notice that at least one tire is lower than the others, make your way to a station to fill up your tire and that should make the light go off if that was the only problem. Whether or not it does, it is always a good idea to go to your local service center to get an inspection from a professional, like the guys at Brunswick Auto Mart, just to be sure there is not an issue that you can't see.
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