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Toyota Care Overview

As part of the Toyota family, your experience with exceptional ownership begins with ToyotaCare. ToyotaCare is a no cost, 24-hour roadside assistance and maintenance plan. ToyotaCare includes factory maintenance for 2 years or 25,000 miles (whichever comes first). 24-hour roadside assistance is in place for two years.

As part of ToyotaCare’s factory maintenance, Toyota-trained technicians will keep your car, SUV, or truck running its best by completing recommended maintenance at no cost. This includes replacing engine oil and filters, rotating tires, inspecting and...
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Towing Guide

Towing is for the rugged at heart. You do not, however, want to wear out your truck because you were careless with your actions. Here are two things to remember when you are hauling extra weight.

1. Use towing mirrors

It is not always possible to have towing mirrors attached to your vehicle’s standard reflectors. You should take full advantage of the feature, though, when it is available.

2. Make sure your trailer tires are the same

Uneven tires are dangerous on automobiles. Can you imagine how much more hazardous, such setup is on a moving object that doesn…

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Tire Pressure and Gas Mileage

Did you know low tire pressure can make your vehicle burn more gas? If tires are underinflated, the motor has to work harder to move the car. If you notice that you are making more frequent trips to the gas station, it may be a sign of low tire pressure.

Underinflated tires wear out faster, as do overinflated tire. Tires that are too full create as many problems as a tire that is low.

To check the pressure you will need a tire gauge, which are sold at all automotive stores. The gauge looks like a thin stick. It attaches…
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What Does it Mean When The Tire Pressure Light Comes On?

What should you do if your tire pressure light comes on in your vehicle? Well, you should act right away to ensure the safety of you and your family. Low tire pressure can cause a multitude of problems for you and your vehicle.

First, if the light comes on while you're driving down the road, you should immediately pull your car off the road when a safe place presents itself. Then get out and check the tires to see if there is a tire that is visually low on air or if there are any deformities in the shape…
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Get Ready Today for the Holiday Road Trip

The holiday season has made it again, and this year the traffic on the highways could be unlike any year prior. Now is the time to prepare so you are able to get to your family and friends way ahead of schedule.

Don't be like millions of other drivers and start traveling the day before the holiday. Get out a day before that and you are going to eliminate most of the traffic on…
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Inspect your Tires Regularly and be Safe

A healthy set of tires can make a huge difference in the performance of your vehicle. While a bad set of tires can allow your car to slip and slide in wet conditions, a good set of tires will grip the road much better. But how do you know when a set of tires is "bad?"

To assess the state of your tires, there are some things you should look for. Make sure there are no nails or sharp objects stuck in your tire. Check for any dry rotting and make sure no part of the tire is falling off…
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Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

If you are on the road when your check engine light comes on, you need not panic as this is not a crisis just yet. There is still plenty of time for you to take action, it is just a simple matter that something is not right in your engine and the light is a mere warning that you need to take it in and have it looked at. This, while it is not an emergency, it is also something that you don’t need to ignore.

When you have the first chance to get it to a garage or…
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A/C Repair in Brunswick

If you're car's air conditioner doesn't appear to be running as strong as it used to, there's probably good reason. Air conditioners can break down over time —and, worst of all, begin to spring leaks. Late July is the time when drivers from across Ohio come to rely on their air conditioner the most —so don't get caught in a sweltering car this summer!


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Check Engine Light? It's Our Friend

If your car's check engine light comes on, don't fret, because it's actually a good thing. Well, maybe not a good thing, but just like the nerves in our hand will scream at us if we burn it, to reduce injury, your check engine light is acting in much the same way. If it didn't warn you, then you could end up with a much more costly problem in the long run. And that's why it's a good thing. And although we always initially think the worst, it's normally something to do with…
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Start Your New Year with FIAT

The first full week of the new year is underway, and we hope your New Year's resolution is, too. And if you were so preoccupied with all of you festivities last week, you popular thing you, that you haven't had time to come up with a resolution, we understand. FIAT has some last-minute suggestions.



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