Don't Put Off Fixing Your Cracked or Chipped Windshield

Replacing or repairing your cracked windshield in a timely manner could not only be very beneficial, but could prevent a serious accident down the road. Think of how important it is to see clearly at all times while negotiating the highways and byways. It makes no sense to keep your windshield clean, if you have a rock chip or crack.
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Autotrader Considers 2017 Subaru Impreza a 'Must Test Drive'

Is there anything that we here at Brunswick Auto Mart don't enjoy about the 2017 Impreza, Subaru's compact cruiser?

Quite honestly ... no. The Impreza, in our estimation, is one very impressive vehicle.

And, after scoping the clip below, you're sure to understand just what we mean. Join Autotrader critic Brian Moody for a closer look at the Impreza:

We find the Impreza's sole engine option -- a 2.0-liter four-cylinder -- to be straight-up superb.

Teaming with a five-speed manual transmission and standard all-wheel drive, the Impreza produces a healthy 152 horsepower and 145 pound-feet ...

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Why you Should Get your Brakes Serviced

It is very important to get your brakes serviced to avoid unnecessary problems and expenses. The brakes are a very important feature on your vehicle, obviously, and it could be dangerous to let problems with them to go unchecked. There are several ways to know when you need to get your brakes checked. Some of these indicators are:

The brake light is on in the dash board.

The brake pedal is spongy.

The brake pedal is slow to respond.

There is grinding or constant squealing when braking.

Your car pulls to the right or to the left when hitting the…

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What to Consider when Deciding to Buy or Lease your Next Vehicle

Are you unsure about whether or not to buy or lease your next car or truck? It can get a bit confusing as far as which option is the way to go. Let’s take a look at both:

1) Buying. The pros to this should be pretty straightforward. You walk in the dealership, you may have to make a down payment, and you drive off with a vehicle that will be yours once the loan is paid off. A con is that you may have higher monthly payments. Your budget is something to consider when it comes to this…

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Check Engine Light? It's Our Friend

If your car's check engine light comes on, don't fret, because it's actually a good thing. Well, maybe not a good thing, but just like the nerves in our hand will scream at us if we burn it, to reduce injury, your check engine light is acting in much the same way. If it didn't warn you, then you could end up with a much more costly problem in the long run. And that's why it's a good thing. And although we always initially think the worst, it's normally something to do with…
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How Much is the Ram ProMaster Payload?

When you are working in the country or city, you might need to load up your van to the rooftop. In such cases, the Ram ProMaster Cargo Van is a popular option. It is very large with 460 cubic feet of cargo space.
But how much can it carry?
Load it up -- the Ram ProMaster has a payload of 4,420 pounds and a maximum towing capacity of 5,100 pounds. Its high-performance, 16-inch Brembo brakes engender a greater sense of safety and security.
Some alleys might be a bit tight, but that's no problem for this versatile vehicle…
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Happy Birthday to the FIAT 124 Spider



50 years ago when the FIAT 124 Spider premiered it was considered and innovative vehicle with an original design that kept FIAT's promise to present an affordable and cast car that was able to carry five people and their luggage in style.

Everyone soon fell in love. The elegant style, the amazing engine performance, the stability as well as the safety of the model make it a success from the beginning.

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Help us Sharing the Love at Brunswick Subaru

We're sure you've heard the saying, "Love. It's what makes a Subaru a Subaru"a few times before. The catchy tagline at the end of every Subaru ads; it is Subaru's commitment to not only enriching the lives of others through the safe and eco-conscious vehicles they make, but by giving back to the community in countless other ways, as well.


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