2016 Chrysler 300 Walk Around

The modern-day Chrysler 300 retained the basic profile it adopted when introduced as a 2005 model. More than nearly any vehicle, the Chrysler 300 flaunts its emphatically American look, building upon a tautly upright, square-shouldered profile that’s both burly and sleek.

Up front, the large, simple, trapezoidal grille uses a mesh pattern encompassing the winged Chrysler logo. The lower air dam has black surrounds or chrome accents depending on model. LED taillamps feature an illuminated halo. he 300S gets unique side sills, to enhance its sportier image.


Spacious and refined, the Chrysler 300 delivers an indisputably American take on luxury motoring. Quiet and comfortable, constructed solidly, this big sedan lets in just enough noise from engine, road, and wind to keep you closely connected with the pavement below.

In addition to high-tech appearance, the interior exhibits good fits and finishes. Lower-trim versions aren’t quite so appealing, with expanses of hard plastic. Rubberized material covering the dashboard looks, and feels, pleasant.

One tech highlight is the Uconnect control interface, with an 8.4-inch touchscreen. Icons are large enough so hitting them with a finger isn’t difficult. Strong processing power translates to quick reactions, and the interface design is just as easy to understand as any such system on the market.

Seats mirror American tastes: large and supportive, with plenty of head and leg room up front. Rear-seat passengers may also expect comfort, but taller occupants might lack full leg room. Visibility is good in all directions.

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