2017 Jeep Cherokee Walk Around

Not many designs have been as polarizing as that of the Cherokee, which veers substantially away from Jeep tradition. Though the grille has seven bars, like the traditional form, the Cherokee’s version comes across as odd, at least to some eyes. Separating the headlights from LED running lights gives the front a tiered appearance, devoid of Jeeplike cues.

Even now, four years after its debut, the Cherokee still conveys an unexpected, if not unbalanced, appearance, in contrast to upright, down-to-earth Jeep tradition. In contrast, the rear end is quite ordinary, while bodysides suggest a conventional crossover SUV.


Nicely finished and well-organized, the handsome cabin is effectively composed and quite refined. On the sporty side, blending colorful elements with subtlety, it’s not trucklike at all. Controls, on the other hand, aren’t so easy to find.

Comparatively roomy for four adults, the Cherokee can fit a fifth passenger without argument, at least for a short trip. Front seats are comfortable, though occupant space is a bit unconventional. Larger drivers might rub against the door panels or console, and taller pilots could have trouble finding a suitable position. Headrests sit somewhat forward, forcing some drivers into a slouched, laid-back stance.

Passenger space is narrower than expected. Rear occupants might feel cramped, though the seat does slide a few inches forward/aft.

Interior noise is nicely subdued. Passengers get plenty of small-item storage space. Cargo space reaches 58.9 cubic feet when the front passenger seat is folded. With all seats up, it’s 24.6 cubic feet. The cargo floor is somewhat high.

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