The Jeep Grand Cherokee Is Pure Jeep Performance

Jeep power and Jeep endurance are features of every Jeep, which means that all Jeep models are capable of delivering a perfect performance for on and off the road handling. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has all this in spades for every trim of this popular mid-size SUV.

A capable drive is occasioned by features such as the rear Electronic Limited Slip Differential that has a short 3.70.1 gear ratio and a strong housing with four-point axle mounting that allows for an even distribution of power to the wheels. The Trackhawk and the SRT both feature the Bilstein adaptive suspension system that turns every type of road trip into a smooth ride.

Come in to Brunswick Auto Mart and take one of our Jeep Grand Cherokees for a test drive. Once you leave the site, you will be impressed with the superb performance and powerful speed the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers. We can discuss the different qualities of each model with you and answer any questions you may have.




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