Safety Features in the All-New Toyota Prius C

The all-new Toyota Prius C compact hybrid hatchback is turning many heads this year because of all the useful safety features throughout.

When the Toyota Prius C begins to drift from the lane, this is when the Lane-Keeping System will activate and warn the driver to take action. The steering wheel starts vibrating like you drove over rumble strips, giving the driver the opportunity to correct the drifting before steering assist is activated.

To help reduce a collision on the road, the Toyota Prius C is equipped with the Pre-Collision Assist system. The radar and camera technology can identify a collision-risk, warn the driver a number of ways before pre-charging the brakes and slowly getting the vehicle to come to a safe stop.

Test drive the Toyota Prius C today while we still have plenty in stock at Brunswick Auto Mart so you can get a feel for how each of the features work in real time.



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