The Exterior Features on the Chrysler 300 Make Quite the Difference

The Chrysler 300 really looks special from the outside. When you visit Brunswick Auto Mart, you will be able to visualize just why this has become one of the more popular full-size luxury sedans on the market today. It really does look that great, as these features will demonstrate.

If you have ever had difficulty seeing when you go around a curve or a hill, the adaptive headlamps on this vehicle will change all of that for you. They enable to see more clearly because of the automatic leveling monitor that is built into its design. The angle of the light actually adjusts based on your current speed and steering pattern.

You will also appreciate the added touch of a platinum chrome finish. This has been added to the area surrounding the front grille. You will also notice it around the door handles and the outside mirrors. Take the Chrysler 300 for a test drive today at Brunswick Auto Mart.


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