The Impressive Mazda CX-9

The Mazda CX-9 is a high-end vehicle that appeals to many customers in Brunswick. It has a powerful engine as well as numerous safety features. It also has little touches that make it a pleasure to drive.

At Brunswick Auto Mart, we're always happy to show off its three rows of seating. To let passengers more easily enter and exit the back row, the middle seats can easily slide and tilt forward. If anyone is in need of additional storage space, the second and third rows can fold down to open up over 70 cubic feet of cargo room.

In terms of technology, you can set up your CX-9 to have seamless connectivity with your smartphone. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are both available. With one of these systems hooked up, drivers can keep their hands and attention on the wheel while sending texts, getting directions, or controlling the audio entertainment.



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