Subaru vehicles are built to last, and the Ascent is no exception. This popular three-row SUV brings all the reliability you expect from a Subaru to a vehicle that can handle just about anything. Take the kids to school, go camping, or just enjoy the ride.

Symmetrical all-wheel drive comes standard on the Ascent. This gives this SUV an easy ride, no matter the weather conditions. With all four tires planted firmly on the pavement, skidding in rain is no longer a problem. The tires can find traction when the snow is coming down hard.

Spacious cabin space is the name of the game with the Ascent. It offers up to 153.5 cubic feet in passenger space. The driver and front passenger enjoy comfortable seating with a full view of the road. Two more passengers can fit in the middle, with three additional on the back bench. Test drive one today at Brunswick Auto Mart.


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