The Volkswagen Arteon is an all-new fastback that's designed with comfort, convenience, and style in mind. This sleek, attractive car is rich with a number of innovative features for enhancing driver and passenger experiences. At Brunswick Auto Mart, we want local shoppers to know more about what the best of these features are.

Enjoy A Relaxing Massage

The driver's seat in the Volkswagen Arteon is made to pamper riders. Drivers can experience the cooling effect of ventilated seats in the summertime, and the customizable warmth of heating functionality when the weather grows cold. Best of all, the driver's seat in this vehicle can additionally deliver a stimulating, relaxing massage to help motorists stay calm, focused, and collected on the road.

The 3-Zone Climatronic Auto Climate Control Feature Can Support Multiple Needs

?One of the most impressive design features in the Volkswagen Arteon is its 3-Zone Climatronic Automatic Climate Control system that's built to provide customized heating and cooling for multiple riders. When one person is hot, this system can deliver cooled air to the immediate area, while simultaneously providing warm air to passengers who are cold. To experience the Volkswagen Arteon for yourself, come to Brunswick Auto Mart today to schedule a test drive.


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