Take a Look at These Mazda6 Design Features When You Have a Chance

There are quite a few cool and helpful design features that you will want to see on the Mazda6. These have all made this a popular midsize sedan. You will find that the features make the car look great while also providing the driver with safety elements that are much appreciated.

Speaking of safety, the lane departure warning system is one feature that will help you avoid collisions. If you are traveling more than a certain speed, you will hear a signal go off if you start to sway outside of your lane. This is helpful in heavy traffic as you will be alerted prior to entering another lane.

The automated high beam control system is helpful as well. The system will automatically switch back to low beams when it senses an oncoming vehicle. This is an extra touch that should prove helpful. You can test drive the Mazda6 at Brunswick Auto Mart when you are ready.


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